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Peripheral Equipment for Hydraulic Die-casting Machines

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Automatic Ladles KD1-M5 Series
  • With a linkage and full-bearing structure adapted to the driving unit, the automatic ladle can be operated smoothly with a minimum secular change. (*1)
  • A dedicated inverter-driven AC motor and a link arm mechanism ensure smooth operation.
  • Ball bearings are used.
  • A link mechanism is used for part of the ladle drive system, ensuring minimal change of pouring volume with time.
  • The arm driving motor is equipped with a brake for increased stopping accuracy.
  • Pre-tilting, and quick return of the ladle can be made by a microprocessor control. realizing high-cycle operation.
  • Pouring volume can be easily adjusted by remote control.
  • Changeover between acceleration and deceleration is smooth, and operation is shock-free even at high-speed
  • High-low-high three-step pouring speed control. The use of a sleeve with a rectangular opening realizes hopper-less pouring.

Automatic Spray Units SD2-M5 Series
  • The spray control devices are integrated in a dedicated valve box to facilitate maintenance and adjustment.
  • Can be installed on a fixed die plate. Microprocessor control makes operation simple. An early-starting function contributes to high-cycle operation.
  • Spraying patterns can be chosen by mode setting.
  • Nozzle cassettes can be changed quickly for each job.
  • Easy-to-use, dedicated air blower is provided.
  • The nozzle unit automatically swings 90 degrees to prevent the nozzle from hitting the core cylinder.
  • The up/down cylinder is automatically locked at the upper limit.
  • A dedicated valve box facilitates replacement of units.
  • The adjustment valves are collected in a single panel to facilitate adjustments.

Automatic Extractors TD5L-M5 Series
  • Smooth and high cycle operation by adoption of a dedicated inverter motor for driving arm.
  • TD5L-M5 can be mounted on the die-casting machine, and it automates the extraction work.
  • A dedicated inverter-driven AC motor and a link arm mechanism ensure smooth operation.
  • The arm driving motor is equipped with a brake for better stopping performance.
  • The main bearings are ball bearings.
  • The moving arm has no electrical components, thus minimizing trouble and facilitating maintenance work.
  • A microprocessor-controlled early-starting function realizes high-cycle casting.
  • The unique link mechanism permits the ideal extraction motion followed by 90-degree swinging.
  • The extractor can be installed directly on the die casting machine, conserving floor space.
  • A new chucking mechanism does not need tip diameter size adjustment.

Vacuum Unit VCSU-15
  • This unit is controlled by a microprocessor of the die-casting machine. The wiring between this unit and the die-casting machine can be made easily using a metal conduit.
  • An air purging function blows out aluminum burrs in the piping.
  • An alarm signal is issued when the pressure inside the tank rises beyond 20 KPa.

Automatic Dilutor AD-35
  • Easy automatic dilution operation.
  • The dilutant is automatically replenished when the level in the dilutant tank falls.
  • Easy feed pressure adjustment.
  • Spraying can be continued even while the raw liquid pail is being replaced.
  • Uses a highly reliable air-driven pump.

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