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Electric Servo Control Die-casting Machine

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Electric Servo Control Die-casting Machine

Ds-EX Series
Injection Performance
  • Excellent collaboration between electric servomotor and hydraulic servo valve
  • Slow and stable shot starting system effective to reduce engulfing of gas
  • Five-step high shot speed setting
  • Electric servo shot intensifying mechanism
  • Pressure/Time feedback control
  • Five-step shot intensification
Clamping, Ejection Performance
  • High precision, high rigidity and high cycle clamping unit driven fully electrically
  • Compact die clamping unit thanks to unique mechanism
  • High-cycle compound movement
  • High rigidity die clamping unit
  • Multi-step ejecting mechanism
Operability, Energy-saving
  • Enhanced friendliness to the operator and environment
  • Easy-to-see 15-inch touch panel
  • The Latest Control SYSTEM 500
  • Dramatic power saving

Hydraulic Die-casting Machine (Multi Injection System)

BD-V5 EX Series

Multi Injection System

Accurate injection at will, from super-low speed to super-high speed.

< Features >

  1. The dedicated EH valve for low speed use has improved stability of injection in the super-low speed range.
  2. The compact EH valve has improved speed response.
  3. A hydraulic servo valve (option) can be equipped.
    1. Improved deceleration stability in the high-speed deceleration function
    2. Speed control selection possible in the high-speed range (meter-in, meter-out selection possible)
    3. Multi-stage (maximum 5 points) injection possible in the high-speed range

Clamping System

  • The high-precision, high-rigidity die clamping unit can be handled one size larger die mold.
  • The rigidity of the tail stock, the criteria that determines the precision of the die mount and toggle, has been increased, thus achieving high-precision, high-rigidity clamps. Furthermore, the dimension between platen center and injection position has been increased to handle dies of one size larger model.
Control System "SYSTEM 500"
  • The latest electronic control system brings machine performance into full play.
  • All-in-one menu screen from which any screen can be accessed
  • PC-touch easy entry operation
  • Security features
  • Easy-to-see screen design

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